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Privacy Policy

Get to know details of our Privacy Policy.

Portal uses cookie files. You can specify the conditions for storage of or access to your personal details by changing cookie settings of your browser.

This "Privacy Policy" is used to explain what and for what purpose websites administered by NetArt Registrar Sp. z o.o., uses cookie files and in what way the user can specify the conditions for the use of "cookies". By using this website you accept the use of cookies in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

What are "cookie" files?

"Cookie" files are usually small text files which are stored in the browser or on the hard disk of a computer used by a user of a website which uses "cookie" files. In the event of the user’s next visit to the website "cookies" make it possible to identify the end user’s device and adjust the website to her or his preferences.

What functions do "cookie" files perform?

"Cookie" files may perform various functions. The most important of them is to remember user’s preferences and to align website content with them, to enable development of website visit statistics, or to recommend to the user content which best correspond to her or his preferences.

For what purpose are "cookie" files used?

"Cookie" files are used on our websites for the following purposes:

  • Website configuration – cookies make it possible to adjust website functions and services.
  • User behaviour analysis and examination – cookies make it possible to learn users’ preferences and to improve and develop products and services through analysing them. Information is collected anonymously, without identifying personal details of individual users.

What "cookie" files do we use?

On our websites we use several types of cookie files which can be distinguished in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Depending on the time for which a "cookie" file is stored on the user’s end device 1. we use both session cookies (cookie files stored during the time of web browser use) and files which are not deleted once the browser has been closed and are stored on the user’s device for a specified or an indefinite period of time.
  • Depending on the issuer’s origin 2. we use both our own "cookie" files as well as external "cookie" files originating from partners with whom we collaborate.
  • Depending on the interference in the user’s privacy 3. we most frequently use "cookie" files which are required to enable operation of internet site functionalities the use of which does not involve user tracking. Additionally, we also use "cookie" files to track user behaviours but we do not collect information which makes it possible to identify personal details of a specific user.

Do we use third-party "cookie" files?

Yes, we do use external cookie files originating from entities with whom we collaborate, such as Google. Due to the fact that the manner of operation of some "cookie" files originating from external partners may differ from that presented in this Privacy Policy, we request that you acquaint yourself with the information pertaining to those "cookie" files and available on the websites of our partners:


How to delete or block "cookie" files?

Internet browser default settings usually make it possible to store "cookie" files on the user’s end device. Pursuant to Article 173 (2) of the Telecommunications Law (Dz. U. [Dziennik Ustaw, Journal of Laws] of 21.12.2012, item 1445), maintaining such browser settings after receiving information concerning "cookie" files used on the internet site is deemed equivalent to expressing consent to the use of "cookie" files on internet sites.

The user may change browser default settings in order to avoid "cookie" file storage on her or his device. Description of "cookie" files configuration with respect to individual browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Bing, Safari.

However, it needs to be remembered that deleting or blocking "cookie" files may make some sections of our websites not function properly.

Collection of other data

On our servers we also store other data that those which we obtain with the use of "cookie" files. The data primarily include IP addresses, i.e. numbers assigned to the device with which users browse content on our website. We also store times of queries receipt by our server, names of the user’s workstation and information about the browser which he or she uses.  Moreover, if the user is redirected to our service website from a different website we also collect information about the URL address from which the user has been redirected.

Use of data

Collected data are primarily stored to provide highest possible quality of the website administration service. Moreover, we use the data to develop statistics pertaining to the manner in which users use our website. Collected data are not disclosed to third parties except for public authorities authorised under the law.