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Abuse report

NetArt Registrar Sp. z o.o.

To submit a report of illegal activity or abuse related to a domain name registered through NetArt Registrar Sp. z o.o., please choose the most convenient method from the following:


telephone: +48 22 454 48 85


NetArt Registrar Sp. z o.o.
Pana Tadeusza 2
30-727 Krakow

In order to quickly and efficiently investigate your complaint, please provide all necessary information in your report:

  • - your full name and contact information
  • - a domain name involved in illegal activity or abuse
  • - a detailed description of the infringement

After the investigation is finished, we will inform you immediately. We aim to reply to every complaint we receive via email or post.


NetArt Registrar Sp. z o.o.